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March 02, 2008



Don't know if you saw it but in the latest issue of Runner's World they had an article about drinking beer and running. Here were some of their conclusions.

1. Beer is good because it contains flavonoids which are heart-healthy compounds.

2. Beer contains useful vitamins

3. Too much slows recovery and makes you dehydrated.

4. Beer carbs are stored as fat.

5. Drink a water chaser when you drink beer.

I've run 23 marathons and dozens of other races. I've never found drinking beer during or after a race was much of a negative.

Good luck with the marathon.

Reluctant Runner

Thanks, Perry. Y'know, I have to confess that I don't even like beer. Another hurdle to incorporating it into my race strategy.

I like the "10 Tips for Marathon Training" you have posted on your blog. Don't think I'll ever use the tips for joggling but then again, I never thought I'd run a marathon either so you never know...


Hmmmm, maybe I should try it. I would probably puke though. But I do have a drink or five AFTER a run!


For a New Year's race, I drank 4 shots of vodka while running. I actually felt pretty good about the race too, though I was running with friends who were slower than I so I found the pace very easy. Not sure what would happen if I drank while running at my usual pace...


Ok, RR, I can't resist.
Another difference between drinking beer and running
Beer makes you have to pee... 'nuf said.

And another similarity, nobody wants to go home with either the guy (or gal) who just drank too much beer, or just ran as both will be rather stinky.

Slow Ride

Here are a couple of other blog posts related to beer and marathons (the first one is a bit more beer than marathon, to be fair):



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