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January 16, 2008



What an interesting way to think about it! We all definitely feel our lives pulled in different directions, so just know that you're not alone. Unfortunately, I don't have any advice to pass along about being everything at the same time. Maybe we just need to be content with these 10 minute roles?

Nah, I'd rather have it all :)


So true. When you focus on one thing, something has to give a little.


We could think of it like Shrek's ogre:onion comparison. Remember? -- layers -- complicated...

Or maybe each of those roles is a fine, sheer layer of beautiful silk fabric; each different from the others in some way. They're fine enough to withstand any scrutiny when viewed alone but, when overlaid with all the others, make a unique, wonderful and mysterious, beautiful thing.


I think I'd go with Cheap and Good if my mechanic had that sign up. I could get by without my car for a couple weeks.

As to the "exemption" you requested on my blog, I think your suggestion would work. I hope this makes your life easier ;)

Reluctant Runner

Thanks for the comments. The end of this week brought even more work-life balance issues with my younger son sick at home for 3 days. Do you think they will perfect that whole cloning humans thing anytime soon?

Kelly ... I like your fabric analogy -- so you! Although I think maybe you've been hanging out on those knitting sites a little too long? :-) Also, I will be checking the mail... how exciting.

Vanilla ... thanks! I will send you my 5K times. Great idea for a challenge. I was reading today that 5K races are good training for a marathon, so maybe I do need to work one in before May.

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