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March 15, 2008



I love the "date" haiku. After 10 years and 3 kids, taking out the trash together is a date for us!

I know what you mean about the calorie "PR." I may have had mine for dinner tonight-- I had 4 buffalo chicken wings with bleu cheese dressing, 1.5 slices of pizza, salad, onion rings, and a pork kabob.

Military Mom

Its great that ou and your hubby share running as a passion. I always wanted to have such a devoted workout partner, unfortunately my hubby seems to think he is allergic to exersise! I loved the haikus.


I think I'd miss out on rightous smugness if my husband was a runner. He's really supportive, will drop be anywhere to run home and listen to all my whines but I get to be the paragon of virtue

Hmm.. a calorie PR, hey I could do that!

Good luck with the 17 miler!

Reluctant Runner

Donna: I seem to recall that your kids are younger than mine and that makes it even harder to get time together. I guess I should appreciate a hill-running date!

Military Mom: I am glad my husband and I have running in common but every once in a while I DO wish he wasn't so much faster than me. In the time it took me to do 5 hills, he did 6.

Drusy: My husband was injured and couldn't run for a while and I have to confess to enjoying a slight feeling of smug superiority when I could run and he couldn't ... not that I wish him any injuries that prevent him running. Maybe one that slows him down a little so I can beat him just once?

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