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March 23, 2008



I can't wait for our dinner conversation this week!!


OMG, hilarious! The gym I go to has huge signs over every water fountain that say "PLEASE BE COURTEOUS TO OTHER GYM MEMBERS. DO NOT SPIT IN THE DRINKING FOUNTAINS!!!" I always see them when I'm getting a drink and wonder WHO in the world would hock a loogie into a public drinking fountain... now I know. The Spitter would.


Oh - that is so gross! I'm all for snot rockets, because those are just necessary sometimes. But spitting? I don't understand the need to spit.

My Very Own Running Blog

Very, very, very funny! And it's a good thing - otherwise I'd be gagging right now


Very funny, a few kids at school are like that, evey once and while you'll find big gob of phlegm. The fun part is watching other kid step in it with out noticin'. :) WEll good luck with he marathon and hellos to every one

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