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May 15, 2008



These sound like the questions a million people have asked themselves a million times. Wait until after the marathon. Infact, wait two weeks until aafter you feel completey re-energized from the big marathon drain. You'll get that anxious I Should Be Out Running feeling. Sign up for some smaller races...10k's...15k's...maybe even a fall HALF marathon? Set some goals. Basically, keep on running. You can reduce the weekly mieage and still reap the benefits of the healthier, fitter lifestyle. Best of luck!


Welcome to the "Taper Blues." It's normal. And it might get even worse. But then the feeling of finishing the marathon will ALL BE WORTH IT!

Half's are great to keep up your running and fitness level if you're not ready to commit to another full. It took me 5 months of thinking about it. It's kinda like having a baby (although I wouldn't know) but you forget about the bad stuff and want the end result again.

9 days! Good luck.

aka Alice

I just found your blog! I too am running my first marathon in two weeks and have just started to taper as of this weekend, when I'll be running only two hours instead of 20 miles.

Good luck with your first marathon!

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