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May 18, 2008



So I was actually conidering running ottawa but my student lifestyle and transportation abilities are not so much agreeing with the whole idea! Maybe next year!
I think you're going to do soo fantastic! I'm so excited to hear about your race success.

As for your 'And Then What?" post (sorry slow computer this morning) wait for a few weeks and then think about it. Half marathons might be the perfect distance. You're home in 2 hours instead of four!


Based on your training and half time, I'm going to guess 4:41. Good luck!

aka Alice

I love that you made "spectating" a verb.

My money is on 4:40 for your finish time, and I'll be jealous because my finish time in San Diego the week after will be about an hour longer...

Good luck. I'm excited for you!


I'm going with 4:42.


4:48 came to me. But you'll probably be faster than that and WAY FASTER than Katie Holmes, who was at 5:30 or something.


iGuess (couldn't resist) at 4:44 - since it's not taken and it sounds lucky!!

You go girl!

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