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May 07, 2008


Tim Wilson

I would have to say the lamest excuse I have ever come up with was because I didn't want to miss breakfast my wife was cooking for me. On my long run Saturdays I always end up missing breakfast because of the time I get up and go out. That being the day my wife will cook a nice breakfast I always miss out. But one Saturday I decided I would stay and eat breakfast and run later..... well, I ran later, but not the distance I was planning. My stomach just wasn't feeling 100% :)


My lamest excuse has to be the worst of all... I don't feel like it. Or when I ran during my lunch and a co-worker would look for company because they were going out... I would skip and go to eat.


You poor thing. Of course you can't run with a sore bicep. So unselfish; putting your kids first, before your running career. I commend you. Practically a martyred saint, you are. Lame?? I think not. I raise my glass of Amarone to you. (The one that I'm having after dinner that I showed up on time for because I skipped my workout because of work -- sucks as an excuse way more than playing with your kid)


I wouldn't run with a sore bicep...or sprained eyelid for that matter.


I have actually skipped a workout to go shopping. Pretty lame, huh? At least I was buying new workout clothes!


Ha ha. Very cute.
I have skipped work outs to drink with friends, or eat out or becuase I might get a phone call I have been waiting for. LAME!

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