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May 30, 2008



Congratulations on the finish! i hope this isn't the only marathon you end up doing.


Congratulations!!!! It was so exciting to "see" you do this at the same time as me, and I'm surprised how similar our emotions were. When I first started the marathon, it was amazing - I had my tears in my eyes, and couldn't believe I was finally about to fulfill my dream. By the end, however, finishing wasn't that amazing, because I knew that I could do it.

Great job and please don't quit marathoning!

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Hey Theresa!!

What a beautiful post - I felt like I was with you on the run and now my husband is wondering why I'm crying!! You are a ROCK STAR! Probably rock stars feel like they had it in them all along too.

I'm looking forward to the next post.

Love - Kathy


That's really wonderful and inspirational.

As someone who's just started training for my first full marathon, I've gotten a lot from your blog (although I've never posted a comment before). This post really brought it all together.

Congratulations! You're an inspiration to first-time-marathon trainees and bloggers everywhere.

Hill-training haikus may spread everywhere now. :-)


That was amazing! Great idea having your family wait for you during the hardest part! Congrats on your amazing finish and your completely spunky attitude!:) I love how you reanalyzed your goal mid race!! It doesn't sound like you are going to quit marathoning Theresa!

I guess we'll have to wait for the next post to find out!

I enjoyed following your experience, and now reading your succcess:)


Great Job and welcome to the Marathoner's Club! You trained so well for it that this conclusion was inevitable. I'm glad you had so much fun during the race itself! So much fun...maybe you want to try again!?

Diane W

You go girl! What a journey! Thanks for letting us read along. You are an inspiration. Larry has re-started biking to work -- coincidence? All our love. YOU ROCK!


We all knew you had it in you! Your time is great! Way to go. What a great post & a great race.


Congratulations!!! I hope you keep running and complete another Marathon sometime.


hi there I just found your site threw someone elses awesome job on the marathon. I also wanted to let you know that I am from Ottawa myself


I just found your blog (of course, now that the party's over), went back to your first post, and have read the whole kit and kaboodle. I've just started training for my first marathon in October so I'm grateful for your willingness to share your journey.

I've re-read this particular post a few times now and it makes me cry every time. What a powerful experience for you as well as all of your fantastic supporters.

Whatever you do next, I wish you all of the very best in it!

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