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January 18, 2009



That is a wonderful story, Reluctant. Thank you for sharing. :-)


What a great story. I can see how it renewed your faith in humankind. Kindness to the least of these...

I have an animal story, too. On a long 10-miler on a very hot day, a puppy started following me and my training buddies. It followed us a good 7 miles. We weren't sure it could even find it's way back home. Anyway, we all shared our water with him. I squirted water from my fuel belt right into his mouth. Then I ran out of water 3 miles from the end, but I felt my act of kindness made it worth it. At the end, another runner put him in the car and drove him home after the run. Who knew a puppy could run 7 miles?

Reluctant Runner

That's a nice story, Donna. Proof that runners (two-legged and four-legged) always help each other!

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