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April 04, 2009


aka Alice

Really? There's a Grim Reaper asking runners if they feel dead after they've run 27K? That's just MEAN! Did you throw a shoe at him? LOL.

Good for you for running the hill. I hate walking hills too.

Great race...hills? rain? you should be proud!

Running mommy

That's beautiful! Sounds like a lot of serendipity during your run! I especially love the Kate Bush song when you finished. That must have felt so true!

Thanks for dropping by and commenting!


"I remembered how far I’d come as an runner, how fortunate I am to be healthy, and how many people have done wonderful things to support me in my running obsession and it was impossible to be disappointed. I felt blessed."

I love, love, love this statement. If it's ok, I may quote this in a future blog post (with credit and a link to this blog!).

I appreciate your comment yesterday. I had forgotten about you bonking on the long training runs. That makes me feel better. Your race story is one I visit often as a "best case scenario" for me. I even e-mailed a link to my running buddies. Maybe race day will go well for me, too!


As dreary as it was, you're right that it could have been worse. Congrats on the finish!


thanks for stopping by my blog! Your last sentence perfectly describes my feelings entering Copps too! Great job on the race, love your report! :D


Nice job! It's always great to be able to take a look at the longer view - where you are now in comparison to months or years ago - and see how far you've come.

Teaching Kids Yoga

Yes - I like those Pod Gods. It was fun finding all the rain songs on mine when we got up in Hamilton and looked out the hotel room window at the steady drizzle splashing the puddles.

By the way I never told you how horrible it was for me at the 11k mark. The rain filled my Tim Horton's steeped tea making it cold and undrinkable! ;D

That's how much I love ya.

- your sis

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