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April 10, 2009



Amazing post! LOL I saw the interview last night, and heard today that BBT was boo'd last night, and have since cancelled the raining Cdn concerts. funny. Have a great weekend!


I hadn't heard of that! My hubby and I are fans of National Public Radio here in the states.

To answer your question on my blog--The Country Music Marathon is a big event. There were 30,000 runners last year, but only 5,000 did the full. I ran the half and it was elbow to elbow for the first several miles. I felt crowded the whole time. I had to zig zag around people, I got a cup of water thrown on me, bumped into...etc. There was good crowd support in places. However, all the reviews and the folks I've talked to say that after we split from the halfers at mile 11, it's rather lonely--few runners and no crowd support. For me, it might be nice. I hate being crowded. Somewhere in the last 13 miles, there are nuns passing out "holy water." That should be fun. Oh, it's also hilly, but mostly in the first half. I didn't think it was too bad last year. One really steep one near mile 12 reduced me to walking. I don't know where that one comes into play on the full route. Probably at mile 25, when I need it least!

aka Alice

OMGAWD...he's an ass (and old). WTF?

I LOVE your interview questions...they seem entirely reasonable to me :-)


Great interview questions!! I love the one about being one in the same with Paula Radcliffe :o).

Thanks for your comment on my last blog. Made me remember who I was. You rock!

Great job at ATB. I hope you gave the midget a high five.


BBT wears Angelinas blood around on a necklace, insults people, and generally acts like a pig and you label him as a rude asshole? Well, I never! His behavior seems perfectly reasonable to me.

(removing tongue from cheek now)


Ah, what a sweet blog entry. Thanks so much. I just shared it with John (between periods of the first playoff game of the season so you should feel pretty honoured that he even acknowledged it), and we hold you in the highest esteem.

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