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August 11, 2009



Nice to hear from you! Will you be in TO for the run on Sept. 27?


welcome back! sometimes you just have to set aside the schedule and go with the flow and it sounds like you've done just that. :)


This summer/fall of NOT marathoning has really reinvigorated me. Sometimes, it just needs to be done.


I have the same feeling with many of the items on my "to-do" list. I don't really feel like doing them. When it's a chore on a list, it sucks. When it's an exciting feeling it makes we want to do it more.

aka Alice

I'm kinda looking forward to having a couple of months of not having to train for a race...I'm more than happy to get into the kind of funk you had this summer...(but I'm glad you're back to blogging!)

Reluctant Runner

Unfortunately, I won't be in town for the run on the 27th. That run is just too long for the distances I've been doing lately! Hope you're having a good summer. Can't wait to hear about France.


Oh, dear; what a pity! You missed seeing a bear! That would have been a treat. (Great pic, though.) Might have been one of my relatives. No fear of us; we're peculiar but not dangerous. And we like joggers/runners. :)



Hey Theresa, thanks for the motivation to run on the Thanksgiving Weekend. Perhaps it should be more appropriately called the "Thanksgiving Dinner Weekend". Rob will BBQ the bird,(plastic for "those people") Theresa will call in the rest of the family to assist and Dad will do what he does best. My entry will be in the 5K as an incentive to get some serious competition from other family members. Perhaps Rob can find room on the BBQ for a small Chicken if you know what I mean.


That was a great ride that morning! You were very generous not to mention that your cycling sister who suggested the route failed to notice that it was a fairly impressive hill training. No wonder you were pumped at the end of the run...it was beautiful but tough. and let's face it scaredy pants, we were just nervous enough about bears to keep up the pace!

Next time, we go looking for bears! No more running away...only running towards!

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