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June 13, 2010


MCM Mama

That's a heck of a goal! Good luck!

Teaching Kids Yoga

Better to have a big hairy audacious goal than a big harry anything else! Congrats on the new inspiration.

Gord Humphrys aka "Dad"

Hi Theresa, Just sounds so exciting to watch/read your plans. Wishing you luck and going on past performance I would never bet against you when you get into your positive mode. Your favourite cousin Ralph Jr. has been given the ok to run. He has set a goal of a half marathon. See facebook. Well I have to go and do a double marathon (not counting the woods)-better make that forest) at the golf course now, sure hope there is water in the cart. great post.

aka Alice

Hi! Glad you're back :-)...I thought my RSS Reader was acting up again...

LOL at B-Hag.

I think I would like your reading club...very much!


Hi! So glad to see you blogging again.I wish I were closer so I could join your reading club, not just because of the wine (probably just saying that because of the delicious shirazes I was just enjoying). Congrats on your coachedness, I look forward keenly to following your progress and mostly to hopefully seeing you this summer.


WOW! Great to see another post from you, and exciting goals ahead! :) Looking forward to reading about your journey!

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