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January 07, 2011


aka alice

It sounds so much like what I would do...only without the nice colleague and I'd end up calling my husband to come and get me.

On the other hand, I'd have probably taken the senior discount, even if I wasn't there yet.

Gord Humphrys aka "Dad"

Theresa, such a day you did not deserve, it was one for the dogs. I wonder if the poor young boy who is working to provide the necessities of life for his sick mother, sisters, and bros really deserves such scorn. Reminds me of a poem, "She's somebody's mother". where a young lad much like your average gym attendant leaves his friends to help an elderly lady to cross the street. When his friends ridiculed, his comment was. "she's somebody's mother, boys you know".
The final stanza of this poem was,
"And somebody's mother" bowed her head in her home that night and the prayer she said,
Was "God be kind to the noble boy, Who is somebody's son and pride and Joy!" (Mary Dow Brine)

Donna (Runner Mom)

Reluctant Runner, I have missed you! I will be coming back often!


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