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February 18, 2011



I love that your son ran a half with you. There's still hope for me yet. I am hoping one of my 3 kids will get into running. My 8-year-old is probably the most likely...just so happens she is really artistic too! But my 13-year-old is most likely the one I can guilt into it. Hahaha. such a good mom I am.


I like that sketch ... although if I didn't know better, I might have thought it was vintage 1967 Charlie Watts with spectacles. Have fun with your spring training.


I didn't know you were an accountant? Or is it IRS? I can't quite tell by the seriousness of the mouth line.


No - that's exactly what you look like big sister.

Reluctant Runner

Elizabethon -- Believe me, there's PLENTY of guilt involved in getting my kids to run. Not to mention fear.

Trevor -- I couldn't find the Charlie Watts reference. Tell me more!

Nitmos -- I'm in HR. Fear me.

Kath -- I'm telling Dad.

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