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February 27, 2011



I hear ya sistuh...I never had much hope for qualifying, and now I have even less hope. But I totally understand their changing of the qualifying standards. It's a race for the really talented runners and so should be really hard for which to qualify. It's BAA's race and they should be able to run it the way they want to.


Well said, and I like your attitude. Plus, you might surprise yourself while running for the "joy of it".

aka Alice

If I keep at it, I think I might be able to qualify for Boston when I'm 80...so you are my hero...and I think you will qualify one day (or at least well before you are 80)


Hey Reluctant Runner, I'm impressed you put up the cleaned up version of the Forget You song and not the original version containing the more powerful F.You words.


I totally agree with you. I couldn't qualify for Boston even under the old standards, but I would much rather have tougher standards so that it's the best of the best. Besides, how much would it suck to "qualify" and THEN have a lottery to see if you'd actually get to run?

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