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March 07, 2011


Gord Humphrys aka "Dad"

"Well, who cares". International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8. "I sure do", you are an inspiration with the constant example you set. It makes me proud to boast of having three daughters who have never considered gender as an obstacle. Hugs, and enjoy the candy fix, but don't even think of sending me the dentist's bill, If I've told you once............... LYA


Those pictures are great - LOLOLOL! I even made hubby come and look. He philosophized that those pictures really describe life. The first picture when you have the whole race yet to run, you look so happy. The second pic, when the struggle is almost over, as you said...kill me now.

You think it would be the other way around. You think we'd be happier when the struggle is almost over.

Deep thoughts to ponder in case you forget your iPod again : )

Reluctant Runner

Those photos are hilarious, aren't they? And humbling.

Kathy: To build on Hrishikesh's philisophical musing, I think you're happy when the struggle is almost over if you've left enough energy to attend to the end. If you haven't, then just getting to the end is brutal. Whoa, I am deep. Totally. Though I'm not entirely sure what I just said.

Dad: Happy Women's Day to you, too, oh father of many women (and husband of one). Lya right back.


Hope the training is going well now! Only a week to go :)


Seems like I commented on this post once before but maybe got zapped by not waiting on your word ver. I refuse to comment again. Too bad because it was a real humdinger too.

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It should be always a reason to run, it's not good only for your health and your body shape but also for your spirit and mood, you feel more positive and think different, you are more optimistic...the iPod is just a pretext without any importance, you can sing a song in your head :))

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