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April 17, 2011



great post. I actually have stayed away from 5k races simply because I am not a fast runner (kind of a "what's the point" attitude). But your post got me thinking that maybe challenging myself to beat my own times in a 5k would be just as rewarding as beating my own time in a marathon. It's the same principle really. I know I won't win any 5k races, but I can try win against myself! And having a goal in running is crucial to motivation. Don't beat yourself up over your 5k race time. You know as well as I that some days are slower than others and there never seems to be any rhyme or reason for it. And a 26.34 5k time is 8:34 pace, and that's FAST in my book. Keep it up! I bet you will achieve your sub-25 min goal.

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